Waterville Police Department - Officer Brian Gardiner is an abusive pig

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I wish the Waterville Police Department would start treating its citizens with respect and dignity.

Brian Gardiner's abuse will no longer be tolerated. He is an abusive cop. He has been complained about several times and the Cheif just sits on his fat a** and throws out complaints. He loves to intimidate the homeless and disabled and threatens with physical violence. He is a sick man and needs psychological help for his anger towards the disabled.

His wife is a cuunt sluut pig and is only with him to support her drug addiction. She loves seeing people arrested, no matter if a crime was committed or not.

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Indeed it is obvious that policemen like Brian Gardener are the real cause of the public's all time low opinion of American police departments and I for one am familiar with this Gardiner cop. Fifteen years ago, I beet the crap out of him when he tried to apprehend me out his area for no cause.

Mr. Gardiner has fallen through the cracks and has yet to be brought to account by oversight of the proper authorities and the public citizens of Skowhegan, Waterville, Somerset County, and Kennebec County.A day will arrive for Brian Gardiner and all of the policemen that operate by their own rules and not the law.

These type deviants are the *** at the bottom of the barrel and the party is over. Good luck to each and every one of them, but especially Gardiner.

Maine, United States #988182

P.S. Next time, check your spelling. :)


His wife Susan is a dirty diksuking pillhead

Augusta, Maine, United States #780590

HaHa. This is friggin funny.

Great job. He is a son of a *** and deserves this so much.

to mudda***insonofa*** Waterville, Maine, United States #809374

Brian Gardiner is a great ***.

to ricosuava Waterville, Maine, United States #809375

sorry, the curses are getting xx'out. I meant to say, he is a great c-o-c-k-b-l-o-w-e-r

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